PRONOVA Sterile Alginates

Sterilizing alginate solutions may often be an obstacle in pharmaceutical and biomedical applications requiring sterility of the applied material. In particular, this relates to problems with polymer degradation during autoclaving or irradiation procedures. Sterile filtration of highly viscous solutions may also be difficult. To meet customer demands, NovaMatrix offers PRONOVA UP alginate as a sterilized and lyophilized product. Sterile aqueous solutions of sodium alginate may now be made simply by adding sterile water or buffers to the lyophilized alginate. The volume of added solution will thus determine the concentration of the alginate solution. Placing the vial on a shaker facilitates dissolution.

PRONOVA sterile alginate products are manufactured and documented in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 (medical device directive) and in accordance with ICH Q7 guidelines. The products are characterized using validated analytical methods.


Pricing is on the basis of per vial.  Each vial contains 0.25 grams of sterile product.  Larger quantities are available upon request.

SKU/EAN: 4202306
Price: $199.00 Quantity 
PRONOVA SLM100 is made from an alginate where over 50% of the monomer units are mannuronate and is a highly purified and well-characterized sodium alginate. One of the functional properties of alginate is viscosity. The viscosity of an alginate solution can be manipulated by changing the concentration of the alginate or by using materials with varying chain length (i.e. molecular weight). Typically, the molecular weight for PRONOVA SLM100 is in the 200000 – 300000 g/mol range. The ultra low levels of endotoxins, proteins and product sterility allows for a big variety of in vitro and in vivo applications.