Peptide Coupled Alginates


Successful engineering of tissue constructs may one day allow routine replacement of damaged organs and tissues. Alginates are well established as matrix materials for cells or tissue within regenerative medicine and have a promising potential in a variety of biomedical applications [1]. Alginates are naturally-derived polysaccharides composed of (1-4)-linked β-D-mannuronate (M-units) and α-L-guluronate (G-units) monomers, which vary in amount and sequential distribution along the polymer chain depending on the source of the alginate. Alginates suitable for biomedical use is today commercially available from NovaMatrix® under the tradename PRONOVA™.
NOVATACH™ is a series of peptide-coupled alginates which facilitate and promote interaction between cells and alginate-based scaffolds and matrices resulting in improved cell functionality and viability. NOVATACH™ extends the range of high quality, well documented, ultrapure and low endotoxin PRONOVA™ alginates for cell therapy and tissue engineering applications and has utility in formulations where cell-to-matrix interaction is beneficial.